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Employee Spotlight: Otis Roberts

| November 27, 2023 | By

Tell us about yourself and how long you’ve been with Optimal Dynamics.

My name is Otis Roberts and I am a Solutions Engineer. I’ve been with Optimal Dynamics since February 2022. I started off living in the Bay Area and relocated to Atlanta in August 2022. 

Can you summarize your job in one sentence?

I configure our solution to best model the customer's operations so that the decisions we make align with their expectations.

What inspired you the most to join Optimal Dynamics?

Joining Optimal Dynamics has allowed me to capitalize on my experience both within the supply chain and as a data scientist at a startup with an exciting product.

What do you like best about our company culture?

There is a strong emphasis here at Optimal Dynamics on each employee's wellbeing, while still maintaining a focus on the company’s objectives.

What is unique about what we do at Optimal Dynamics?

At Optimal Dynamics, we offer our customers the ability to add a high level of intelligence to their decision-making process, which have historically been largely restricted to heavily manual processes.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I really enjoy working in a fast-paced environment where I’m given the autonomy to help drive the business based upon my individual skill sets!

What have been your biggest accomplishments on our team, and what was the impact on the product/company?

My biggest accomplishments came in my previous role conducting our proof of value studies. We had a lot of success identifying value for potential customers, which led to many of them signing contracts. In my current role, I'm now working on deploying the solution for many of the customers I helped bring in! It’s come full circle and is very rewarding.

How have you grown professionally while on our team?

While at Optimal Dynamics, I have had a lot of exposure to project management across multiple teams and projects. Previously, most of my project management experience was limited to small teams and typically only one project at a time. This has allowed me to broaden my skill set and scope immensely.

What do you like to do in your free time?

My hobbies are music and sports, but with 3 kids under 4, my time is largely consumed by them. Occasionally I still find time early in the morning or late at night to shoot baskets on an empty court, hit golf balls, or pick up the guitar!

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