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Optimal Dynamics Announces Burc Arpat, formerly of Google (Alphabet), Facebook (Meta) and Slack (Salesforce), as Chief Technology Officer

| June 14, 2023 | By

Optimal Dynamics, the pioneer in artificial decision intelligence for trucking operations, has hired Burc Arpat as Chief Technology Officer. Arpat brings 20+ years of experience in applied AI, distributed systems and real-time data processing and integrations. 

In this role Arpat will be responsible for leading the company’s continuing efforts to build, deliver and support its AI-powered enterprise software at scale across the transportation industry. 

Arpat joins Optimal Dynamics from Slack, which acquired his company, Woven, in 2021. Arpat co-founded Woven with current Apple CIO, and former Facebook CIO, Tim Campos. Prior to Woven he held senior engineering positions with Google and Facebook

“While I’m new to the transportation industry, Optimal Dynamics offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to combine my background in applied AI and data science to solve major real-world problems,” said Arpat. “I’m thrilled to dive in and help create AI solutions that propel the industry forward.”

Arpat has extensive experience forecasting and simulating data flows at massive scale, and optimally distributing that data across worldwide data centers.  “While not a trucking network, the problem set is similar,” continued Arpat. 

The addition of Arpat comes as the company is seeing increased interest in its transformative solutions, with companies like BCB Transport seeing significant increases in revenue after adoption.  This traction is coming even amid an economic downturn for freight carriers.

“The industry is seeing that our solution and expertise can drive real improvement to their businesses, and Burc’s deep understanding of AI and data systems, combined with his experience working at tremendous scale, gives us a force multiplier as we look to capitalize on this momentum,” said Co-Founder and CEO, Daniel Powell.  “As one of the pioneers at bringing industrial AI solutions to scale, it’s a testament to what we’re doing at Optimal Dynamics that someone with Burc’s pedigree is excited about the opportunity. Needless to say we could not be happier with his addition to the team.”

This is the third C-level addition to the company in 2023, following the hiring of Chief Product Officer, Gillan Hawkes, in January and the promotion of Juliana Nascimento to Chief Analytics Officer in February. “I could not be happier with the diversity of skills and team that we’ve put in place,” continued Powell. “This is an incredibly exciting time at Optimal Dynamics.”

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