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How Enterprise Trucking Companies Use Decision Intelligence

| January 16, 2024 | By

The success of your trucking company largely hinges on choosing the right loads. Traditionally, selecting loads has been a highly manual process, one steeped in the analog processes and the collective experience and instinct of your team members.

In the modern world, there’s a better way to choose the right loads for your business.

This article walks you through how to transform your trucking operations from a traditionally manual and instinct-driven approach to load selection to something different — a highly automated, highly effective, and tech-driven process.

Continue reading to learn more about transforming the operations of enterprise trucking companies, and reach out to us if you have questions about automating your load-selection process.

The Core Functionality of Optimal Dynamics

At Optimal Dynamics, we provide clients with a platform that gives them access to Decision Intelligence, a tool for automating many of the day-to-day choices that enterprise trucking companies typically have to make. While automating 100% of all decisions is impossible, Decision Intelligence can help your team members pour their knowledge and experience into only the most important and challenging decisions.

Optimal Dynamics’ platform includes three core solutions: Plan, Bid, and Execute. Each module seamlessly integrates with existing technologies, offering a comprehensive approach to load management. Here’s a rundown of what each does for your business:

  • Plan offers a high-fidelity, digital twin sandbox environment, enabling carriers to simulate and optimize their freight network despite various unknown variables and complex business needs. This powerful tool aids in visualizing the impact of operational changes, allowing for informed decision-making and strategic adjustments.
  • Bid, tailored for the RFP process, revolutionizes how enterprise trucking companies approach lane bidding. It not only recommends optimal lanes and volumes for bids but also simulates the impact of each lane on the existing network. This instant analysis identifies uniquely valuable lanes, ensuring carriers make data-driven decisions that align with their strategic goals.
  • Execute is the dynamic automation tool for real-time load and dispatch decisions. It transcends traditional, intuition-based approaches, significantly reducing errors and adapting quickly to new challenges. This solution ensures the most efficient and profitable load decisions are made, streamlining operations and enhancing overall business performance.

Together, these solutions transform the traditional load management process. By providing deep insights and automating key decisions, Optimal Dynamics empowers enterprise trucking companies to optimize their operations, improve efficiency, and increase profitability.

The Transformation Journey: From Initial Deployment to Strategic Planning

The journey with Optimal Dynamics begins with an initial engagement, a critical phase where trust is established between the technology and trucking companies. Initially, carriers might approach the platform with a degree of skepticism, given the significant shift from traditional, manual processes to a technology-driven approach. However, as they start to interact with the system, witnessing its capabilities in automating and optimizing load management, their confidence begins to grow.

This initial deployment phase focuses primarily on familiarizing users with the platform’s basic functionalities, such as dispatch and load acceptance. As users become more comfortable and start to recognize the tangible benefits of the system, their reliance on the platform deepens. This marks the beginning of an evolutionary journey from basic operations to more sophisticated applications like strategic planning and bid management.

As enterprise trucking companies gradually experience the system’s efficiency in handling day-to-day operations, they begin to explore its strategic capabilities. Optimal Dynamics’ Plan and Bid solutions come into play, enabling companies to make more informed, data-driven decisions. This evolution represents a significant shift from operational to strategic thinking, where companies are not just managing loads effectively but are also optimizing their entire freight network and bidding processes.

Through this transformative journey, Optimal Dynamics reshapes how enterprise trucking companies view and manage their operations, leading to a more efficient, profitable, and forward-thinking business model.

Case Study: BCB Transport’s Success Story

BCB Transport, a trucking company based in North Texas, embarked on a transformative journey with Optimal Dynamics — one that ultimately redefined the company’s operational landscape. Facing the challenges of a freight recession, BCB Transport sought out innovative solutions to enhance its revenue and operational efficiency. Adopting Optimal Dynamics’ sophisticated technology marked the beginning of this change.

Implementing Optimal Dynamics’ Execute solution, a system designed for automating and optimizing truckload decisions, was pivotal. BCB Transport witnessed a remarkable 19.6% increase in revenue per truck per week. This leap in profitability was complemented by increased operational efficiency, enabling the company to manage its fleet with 16% fewer tractors. This was a significant achievement, particularly in an era of depressed market volumes and rates.

Integrating Optimal Dynamics’ engine streamlined BCB’s decision-making processes, enabling them to navigate operational uncertainties more easily. This enhanced decision intelligence not only improved load planning and dispatching efficiency but also laid the groundwork for strategic planning and future growth.

For those interested in a deeper understanding of BCB Transport’s transformative journey and the extensive benefits realized through Optimal Dynamics, read our detailed case study.

Better Automate Your Trucking Operations

Optimal Dynamics has proven to be a transformative tool for the enterprise trucking companies that implement it. Through three innovative solutions — Plan, Bid, and Execute — organizations like BCB Transport have experienced remarkable growth and operational excellence.

This journey from initial engagement to strategic planning illustrates the profound impact of integrating advanced technology in freight management. You no longer have to follow manual, instinct-based decision-making processes while hoping for the best. There’s a universe of automation and confident decision-making ready and waiting for you when you choose the right technology partners.

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